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Our Foundations

Each child is an individual with unique abilities and needs. Drawing inspiration from the Pikler approach, we support the child daily in building a trusting relationship with them, guiding them towards independent development.

We place particular importance on language learning. Children are involved daily in a multilingual environment through games, activities, reading, nursery rhymes…

Un portrait d'Emmi Pikler. Nous suivons la méthode Pikler dans notre éducation. Nous donnons ainsi aux enfants la liberté de s'épanouir sous surveillance, afin de les aider à devenir des individus autonomes.
Emmi Pikler

Our Vision

Our programs are based on an open pedagogical approach that encourages free choice and autonomy in the child. The child is competent and actively participates in their own development while benefiting from privileged support from their reference educator. Compassionate communication is implemented daily to promote self-construction.

Our Facilities

We place great importance on the environment in which the child develops every day. Several spaces are arranged to allow them multiple possibilities to satisfy their needs. The layout is entirely adapted for children, allowing us to guide them towards their autonomous development.

Our partnerships with families

Establishing a trusted educational partnership with families is especially important to us. We place great importance on parents’ trust and strive to develop it continuously with the utmost transparency.

In order to get to know the needs and specificities of each child, a period of adaptation is put in place as soon as the child arrives at the daycare center. To maintain our relationship, formal and informal meetings are offered throughout the journey of your child.

Our goal is to provide every day, for both parents and children, a friendly, warm, and caring place.